Fuse Boards

Your Fuse Board provides protection and a means of isolating groups of electrical circuits so that work can be safely carried out.

You should consider contacting us in the following circumstances:

  • Your house is being fully or partially rewired.
  • Your Fuse Board cover is missing or the Fuse Board is damaged, exposing live parts.
  • Your Fuse Board or protective devices have been damaged due to fire or overheating.
  • There are insufficient ways in your Fuse Board for the number of existing circuits and/or circuits being added.
  • Suitable Residual Current Device (RCD) protection is not provided for
    • all circuits where the means of earthing is by an earth wire.
    • where existing socket-outlets which may reasonably be expected to supply portable equipment for use outdoors.
    • any circuits being added, where RCD protection is required.
    • any existing circuits being altered, where RCD protection is required.





Fuse Board Installation and Maintenance by K Electrics Barnton