Safety and Reliability are our primary aims when carrying out new wiring or re-wiring jobs. We work to BS 7671 and adhere to Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

You should consider contacting us if any of the following apply in your circumstances:

  • Deteriorated cable insulation, particularly pre-PVC types (e.g. rubber or lead-sheathed cables) which were typically installed prior to the 1960s.
  • Lack of provision of earthing facilities, e.g. at light fittings which require to be earthed.
  • Deterioration of cables, connections or accessories due, for example, to fire, overheating or water ingress.
  • Overloading due to an insufficient number of circuits.
  • Major structural alterations to the house affecting a large proportion of the existing wiring (which may suffer damage in the process).
  • Sub-standard alterations or additions to the wiring having been carried out (particularly where unsafe ‘DIY’ work has been involved).

Following any wiring work we will test the system and issue a Periodic Inspection Report confirming compliance with the regulations.


Electrical Wiring by K Electrics Silverknowes Edinburgh